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Relax, Rejuvenate & Re-set

The Delamar Spas follow the tradition inspired by the Belgian town of “Spa,” known for its curative mineral baths. We are a place focused on health and healing. We are a place to rebalance and restore. At the Delamar hotels, our spas promote restorative treatments that provide a “re-set” for us to engage with the rest of our lives.

Letter from Our Leader:

When I was thirteen, I visited my great aunt who lived in the Lausanne Palace hotel in Switzerland. I showed up with congested skin, and she looked at me in horror. “You need a facial immediately,” she said. The next day, I found myself lying on a bed in a small room near the lake, where the flicking blue light of a galvanic cell massaged my skin. The esthetician gave me a milky “lait” that would restore balance to my skin – she gave me a soft face brush to use on my dry skin to stimulate blood flow and exfoliation. It was then that I learned the benefits of a face regimen and protocol.

When I returned to New York City, I was fortunate to stumble into Georgette Klinger and meet Georgette. She explained that regular facials were like regular teeth cleanings, part of our hygiene. I wanted this European tradition to be found in Greenwich and, when I found Biologique Recherche and Valmont, I knew that I was replicating in the suburbs what I’d discovered in the little room in Lausanne and patronized at Georgette Klinger’s. Not only do our therapists train with our top European product providers, but we institute our own regular trainings and support therapists who want to continue their education. We encourage providers not to settle for what they already know. Our mantra is that skin is an organ that needs to be nourished and kept healthy –whether our clients enjoy the services of medi-spas or not.

Our body treatments and massages focus on that same restorative notion. That a spa is meant to respect the bodies which it treats. The body treatments mimic our facials in product lines infused with vitamins and curative ingredients that feed your skin. Our massages are meant to relive stress stored in our vascular systems.

With every treatment we add to our menu, we think about the benefits to our customer. “If we add the amethyst mat to our beds, we can relieve more stress and eliminate toxins; if we add aromatherapy to our oils, we can energize or relax our client more deeply.” If we mix serums, is there a greater benefit to the skin.

Delamar Spas keep the mission of the Delamar Hotels, that we are here to benefit our hotel guests and our community, to create a bespoke experience that they can repeat and enjoy.

Georgette Culucundis Mallory